Thursday, September 10, 2009

DIY Mud Room

I have been contemplating how to do a mud room in my house for very cheap. I'm talking like almost free. My plan is to use a few things I already and white ticking striped fabric, sign Spelling Faith out, black paint, and a mirror with pegs in it (for hanging stuff). The only thing I need to buy is an old bench... hoping to only spend about $10 (I plan to paint black and distress with paint I already have then recover with fabric). Oh and maybe a few baskets. We also have some bead board from our kitchen that wasn't used. Maybe I'll use that. These are my inspirations that I am going from.
from here
Now this one doesn't have the bench underneath it. So technically I could do this for free. We'll see if I like it without the bench in my house.

From here I don't want to use a leather ottoman, but you get the picture.

I originally wanted one from Pottery Barn...the look and all.

But you just can't beat free!

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