Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Decorating Ideas

I absolutely LOVE Fall!  I love that it has been raining for 2 weeks straight in Atlanta because it makes me feel like Fall.  It hasn't gotten my spirits down one bit...even though it's making me slightly tired:) 
I am always in need of some inexpensive Fall decorating Ideas.  This one is by far my favorite.  I mean how cute are those polka dots?  Super cheap as well.  I can't wait to try this!

This idea is also really cute. You could use your free monogram if you win the giveaway:)  I think both of these projects are under $10.  So send me your pictures if you try these!

Both photos are from here.

MR.P (Actually his real initials) and I went on a date on Friday night and just happened to stroll through Pottery Barn.  Well I wasn't expecting to be scared while in there, but when I saw this I about jumped out of my skin!

Definitely shouldn't have been scared, but I was:(  I don't suggest buying these this since it might scare guests...that's why I didn't list the price:)

I also saw this tea light holder while at Target.  Only $17.99.  Not too bad for a cute center piece. 

I also suggest browsing through the dollar section at your local Target.  They had some of the cutest tin baskets for decorating!  And you just can't find a better deal than $1!

Oh and don't forget to buy your pumpkin spice candle for the new fall!  I bought mine @ Target for $5:) 

Anyway, Happy Fall!  MR.P and I have lots planned for the fall.  We are helping my little sister get ready for her Jr. Homecoming this coming Saturday.  Then vising my sister in Macon as well as visiting old friends in Nasheville, TN.  We are trying to plan a fun weekend getaway.  We haven't had a trip with just the 2 of us since our honeymoon.  So we definitely need some time away.  I think as Christians, it's important that we have alone time with our spouses away from home (every once in a while).  That way we aren't tempted to clean the house, do yard work, or anything other than just spend time with each other.  We are still young, so we can't do these lavish trips, but renting a cabin for a few nights is definitely possible.  And definitely worth it:) 


Claire said...

I love the pumkins. Maybe you can help me make some when you come visit!

Beth Peele said...

I would love to make some. I have the jewelry party on the calendar. Can't wait!

Gift-Ink said...

I love white pumpkins. They look great without anything being done to them :)

Dianna said...

Fall is the best season of the year.
Beautiful colors and aromas and many nature inspired decorating ideas.