Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Inspiration Wednesday

Design A-Peele Inspiration Wednesday Feature

Each of my Inspiration Wednesday features have been different.  Today we will follow in that route!  I recently found Chanty2Chic.  They have done some of the cutest, budget friendly projects.  Some of those include making their own vintage dominoes and dice, and making a picture frame holder out of bulldog clips.  They are great at making things look vintage, so I am taking a page out of their book!

They are just the cutest moms! 

Shanty 2 Chic

They are what I aspire to be for the following reasons:

1.) They are stay at home moms with 2 and 3 kids.  Which I can't wait to be!!
2.) They pick up scary tools and do projects without their husbands.  Even though I know MR.P loves spending time with me, I usually choose baseball and football games to do projects during (to keep myself entertained). So I am sure he would appreciate if I could pick up a scary tool once in a while.
3.)  They are VERY creative.  I could use a few more of those creative bones in my body.
4.)  They think outside the box.

They are actually from a family of 5...4 girls and 1 boy!  I am from a family of 6...5 girls and 1 boy!  They are also Christians and love decorating on a budget.  I love finding things in common with "friends".  These women are definitely ones to model your creativity and life after. 


Love the Decor! said...

Just found your cute blog! looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring ideas!
Hope on over to mine for a peek. Would love to have you follow

Joyce @ Cheap Frills said...

Hello! Feel free to check out and follow us as well. I have just signed up to follow you. Like a sheep LOL! I love these two girls too - very inspiring! I can't wait to see how your chairs come out.