Friday, October 23, 2009

Adorable DIY little girl clothes!

Last night my sister over @ Allison Wonderland (by the way, I designed her blog so if you want one like that let me know)  brought over some clothes she made for my nieces.  I was in shock because they were SO STINKIN' CUTE and very well made.  She and her friends (since middle school) got together for a sewing weekend and Birmingham Bakers taught them all how to do it.

So be impressed with their work!

Alli showing off her cute new outfit.  I just LOVE the pants.  The shirts are just plain turtle necks with their initial + a heart sewn on.

Gracie being cute.  I love the little headbands she made!  Just to cute!

My sister also made a somewhat matching outfit for my niece P-Cat.  She is turning 2 today!  Can't wait to see what P-Cat looks like in her new outfit :)

This is another reason I should get a sewing I can make super cute clothes and be #1 aunt!!


Stacy said...

You are already number one aunt because you don't have any kids yet... you have all of your time devoted to them! :-)
I know they love it!

Mama Thompson said...

I just love all that you do on your I am passing on an can check it out at! Thanks for sharing all your talent!