Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So I have no projects to post!!

I am definitely in the middle of deciding what projects to do next. 
Here are my choices:
1.) Either spraypaint the dining room chandalier or buy a new one?  The positives to spraypainting is that I already have the supplies so it would be totally free.  The negatives would be that I am not quite sure how to do it...oh and we would have to buy some extra links so we can pull the chandalier to the actual center of the dining room (its in the center including the bay window...who does that??)  If we buy a new one I will wait a little while.  Maybe use some Christmas money. 
This one is from Lighting & Living

And I LOVE this style (the swag and all).  It's just not quite big enough. From Lamps Plus.

Anyone know where I can find a little big bigger one for a great price? 

2.) Our office needs some shelves and such.  I'd love a wide enough shelf to be able to put file holders on. 
Like this one from Bed, bath and beyond.

Then I wanted to add some file folders like these from See Jane Work.  You should definitely check some of her stuff out.  It's all so cute!  She has a blog too called Pulling It Together!  I just love anything that has to do with organization!

Then I was thinking I would make a chalkboard for under the shelf with these cute bulldog clips to hold pictures and such.  Also found from See Jane Work.

I have a silver tray I never use and thought I would make the chalkboard out of that.  Found from this sweet blog called Tales and Trails!

Isn't it adorable!  How cute!  Great idea Tales and Trails!

3.) Our "Man Room" is a tough room.  We don't want to spend very much money in there.  The awesome, wonderful, cozy chair that was given to us for FREE desperately needs a slipcover.  It's kind of girly for the "Man Room".  We are having a hard time deciding what color slipcover to get.  I've found some great ones from Linens n Things that aren't your every day annoying ones...they actually cover each pillow seperately.  So khaki would ne nice because it's nuetral and could be used in any other room in the future.  But our walls are a light khaki so its not my fav.  Brown is a no go because the tv stand is brown and so is the coffee table.  Any ideas?

Ok, so what is your vote?  What should the next project be??  Each one ranges in price obviously...so we'll have to budget and see what we can do first :)


Kylie said...

Hey Beth!

I say spray paint the chandelier - then at least its something you can live with until you can afford something you LOVE. I spray painted our nasty gold one with just standard white spray paint. It doesn't look perfect, but it definitely is better than 80's gold.

Just take the chandelier down, unscrew the light bulbs and tape over the holes they screw into, and go to town. I used a primer spray paint first and then the white and it turned out pretty nice. I'll have to find the pics and post for you. Its really easy and cheap (always a good thing!).



abby @ tales and trials said...

I say spray paint the chandelier too! At least until you can get a new one.

And thanks for linking to my blog. You made my day!! :)


Design A-Peele said...

Thanks girls! I think I'll try my hand at it tonight! @tales and trails I am so glad that made your day! You did a great job with your tray :)