Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stirrup Pants???

Ok, so I've heard that stirrup pants are coming back into style.  I'm really not ready for that just quite yet.  But I did find something kind of similar that I like:)  I just became brave enough to put boots over my jeans.  And well, it drives me nuts how my jeans don't stay tucked in well!  So I was just browsing around and I found Stirrupz for your jeans!!!  They are $25 which seems a bit high for something no one is going to see.  But, they will save you a lot of time tucking your jeans back into your boots. 

So check them out!  Stirrupz

BUT, because this blog is all about learning how to decorate and dress inexpensively, I will humble myself to talk about an alternative that is much less expensive, but more embarrassing.  You know those lingerie things (sorry, I have no idea what they are called!) that hold up your panty hose?  Yeah, those are MUCH cheaper and would definitely work as well ;)  What do y'all think?  What do you use to keep your jeans tucked in?

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Abby Wilkerson said...

The lingerie strap thingies are EXACTLY what I bought to keep my jeans tucked in to my boots! Everytime I stood up, my jeans would bunch at the knees and I'd have to scrunch them down. I kept thinking I needed stirrup jeans, but these work just as well (and are less embarrassing).