Thursday, November 5, 2009

My nieces birthday gift

My niece Perry Catherine just turned 2.  She is the funniest little thing!  I just love her :)  She doesn't give kisses out easily, but when she does, you should feel VERY lucky!

Isn't she just a cutie?? 

So in celebration of her birthday I made her something for her really this is a gift for my sister.  Bad Aunt!

I am no pro, but I am learning how to make my own gifts.  I started with this.

I had previously spraypainted this frame so that was easy. 

Then I painted the letters with a sweet light pink.

Then using my handy dandy girly hammer, I folded the ribbon down to give it a more polished look and nailed them down.  I tried stapling, but my stapler isn't strong enough.  I'll have to invest in a staple gun :)  Poor me :)

This is the ALMOST final product.  I have one last final touch to make, but you get the picture :)

EDIT: now it's done :)


Ms. Bright said...

Absolutely adorable is what she is!
And I think gifts that are handmade are much more special. Your own time is one of the most precious gifts you can give and by taking the time to make something...well, there you go!
I'm glad you found my comment encouraging, that was the goal. And I hope WE can become bloggy friends, too!

Shorely Chic said...

That's so cute!!! Love the pink and green ;)

Anonymous said...

very cute! :) might have to try my own version.

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

So cute. You could also to a three letter monogram and make the middle initial a little larger.