Friday, December 11, 2009

Craft night with my Mom!

Craft night with my mom started out with a bang!  We decided to get take out from P.F. Changs.  Best decision ever!  Then we went to town on our project.  We decided to make some cute banners for Christmas! 

Here is the cute ribbon we picked out from Hobby Lobby.

My mom already had the fabric for the triangle part of the banner so that was nice!  Here she is making a triangle out of paper for us so we could trace it each time!  Oh and the Diet coke is important too!  Can't forget that!

Then we took black pant and used a stencil to pain the letters of our choice of words onto each triangle.  Not going to lie...I had to try mine 3 different times before it looked right.  Cookies were also enjoyed.  Can't do without a little something sweet!

My mom working hard!  We used twine and a hot glue gun to put the triangles together. 
Then we used the ribbon and tied knots between each letter. We left a little space so the knots tied better.

Here is the finished product!  While I was putting this together I decided that I'll have to make a GO DAWGS sign for MR.P.  He would absolutely LOVE that!!  I love how the red ticking stripe compliments the banner. 

Christmas is such a neat time of year.  Yes, we get to enjoy all the pretty decorations, lights, shopping and such.  And believe me, I LOVE IT!!!  But this morning, while getting ready for work, I was thinking about the real meaning of Christmas.  Can you believe that our Savior, Jesus Christ, was born in a manger?  That he came to SAVE us from our sins as a tiny baby?  Even though I have known this my whole life, it still amazes me.  I am so thankful to be called one of his children.  I pray daily for MR.P and my future children, that they would also be called to Him.  Hopefully that day will come soon!!  Merry Christmas!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh my goodness how adorable! Great job!

sharongracepjs said...

LOVE it!!

Cam and Kate + 1 said...

So cute Beth! You could do this project for so many different things too and reuse it. Maybe Birthday Parties? One nice thing is that it doesn't take much room to store. Love it, love it:)