Wednesday, December 30, 2009


On December 23rd I surprised MR.P with a Flip video camera.  He was SOO surprised.  Because Target was out of stock, I wrote him a note from "Flippie" the video Camera and wrapped it up.  He died laughing once he realized that the Flip had written him a note about how his wonderful wife had gotten the Flip for $40 off and that was why it hadn't arrived yet.  MR.P and I like to see who can make the other laugh harder, which equals who is actually IN FACT the funniest in our marriage.  I won that round :)

(MR.P with the note)

You see, the whole reason I am sharing this with you is because I myself can't wait to try using "Flippie" out.  I am hoping to do a series on each room of our house.  That way you can actually see what it looks like!  Plus, you can see that our house gets messy :)  We'll see if I can figure out and share some tours.  I love seeing other people's homes.  We get a glimpse into other people's lives, their style, and what is important to them.  I wish I wasn't so OCD about things being non cluttered and clean.  I fear that comes out in my house as something that is important to me, instead of my family.  I think having kids will be good for me because I will want to put their artwork out, keep their toys out, and show off what other people give me.  This is something I want to work on and am definitely praying through.  LESS OCD here I come!!!

Ok, so this post is turning into a hodge podge of things...sorry!  A few weeks ago MR.P and I decided to start taking our nieces out on dates.  We don't have kids yet, so our time with our nieces is precious, but rarely do we get one on one time with them.  So our first date was with Alli.  She is my 2nd sisters first child.  Make sense?  We took her to the Mall to get a special present from the Disney store and then to get ice cream.  She was soooo excited!  This is her in the car on the way!  Then us eating ice cream.  

We are looking forward to our next date with Savannah.  She is my 3rd sisters first child. 

Next on my mind is that we keep going back and forth on the whole microwave thing.  A new "friend" from Moma Thompson commented on my blog last night that we should change our mind back.  She said she and her husband figured out how to add an electrical outlet themselves.  So MR.P and I will have to keep thinking on that.  Then we'll see what kind of info we can find on how to do it!  That would be a MAJOR technical victory for us!  I would be quite proud. 

I have realized there are a few projects I did that I never shared:

1.) The Dining room Chandalier - It did get it spraypainted and it looks soo much better!  I still have to fix a few places on it though before I reveal the outcome. 
2.) Christmas gifts for my nieces - I made them the cutest little chalkboards for their bedroom doors.  Sadly I didn't get a good picture.  I'll try to get a better picture later from my sisters.
3.) And a few that I never mentioned, but I will share once I get some good pics.

Ok, so sorry for the random post.  MR.P and I are looking forward to some NYE celebrations!  We have 2 parties we are going to.  We are quite excited about spending time with friends and family!  Happy almost 2010!!

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sharongracepjs said...

Mr.P is making such a funny face! What a riot. Can't wait to see the videos!