Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kitchen Window Ideas

Happy 9th of December!!  Nothing special about today, just another Wednesday in the books.  As I was thinking of the next few projects the house needs I was pondering how to do them for the least amount of money.  The most important project on my list has the potential of being around $100 if I don't make it myself.  The positive of buying one is that it will work well and I can actually pull it up and down quickly.  The negative is obviously the price tag.  If I make it the price would be great, but not so sure it would work well.  I'd like to stick with Roman shades, so it limits my options, but here are a few ideas. 

I found this idea at Pickets in Seaside, FL.

It would be very easy to make.  I just have to find the right fabric to complement the Restoration Hardware Silver Sage and the red accents in the living room and kitchen.  Then I would need the right things to hang from the ribbon.  What about some cute, rustic stars?  Or what about old silverware?  That one just might work!  I'll keep thinking.

This is also some inspiration for me.  It's from Pottery Barn a few years ago. 

I absolutely love the colors and how fibrant it is.  I've been searching on ebay for it, but it just can't be found :(

I searched on ebay and overstock as well.  They've got some great prices, but not very many options.  Most are quite plain.  We'll see what I can come up with! 

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas!  MR.P and I are headed to FL again, but this time with his family.  We'll be visiting his grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousin....and so on.  You get the picture.  We are looking forward to seeing them!


Anonymous said...

I don't know what they have as far as patterend fabric but I got a really good deal on roman shades at JcPenney. I wouldn't normally think to get them there but they have a ton of options online. I was having the hardest time finding white shades in the measurement I needed. I caught mine when they were all 40% off so they ended up being pretty inespensive. well as far as window treatments go anyways! :) good luck.

Mama Cobb said...

Hey Beth- I LOVE that Pottery Barn fabric too, but just couldn't justify the expense. Been searching high and low for something similar, and like you no luck. But today I was looking at World Market's site and came across these (hope the link works):

Pretty similar design and color, just not as vibrant. Wanted to pass it along to you! :)

PS- I went to Covenant too- graduated in 2002 though. Married to Timmy Cobb's brother. :)