Thursday, December 31, 2009

What did I do this year?

Well It's hard to think back, but here goes.

* Bought a house
* Started DIY projects because we have a new house to fill up!
* Bought a dog
* Gave away a dog (long story, but I'll share if anyone wants to know)
* Had our 2nd anniversary
* MR.P got a new job that fits him to a T!
* Stretched in our trust in the Lord
* Had my 8th niece
* Started THIS BLOG!!
* Turned 25 - half way to 50!!!
* Started working out (MAJOR victory for me because I can't stand it!)
* Started turning off the tv during dinner with MR.P - we decided we wanted our time together to be more intentional. 
* Started reading books at night with MR.P - currently waiting for Sheet Music (Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage) in the mail.  We want to read more books on marriage like Love and Respect (Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs)and Christ Centered Worship( Christ-Centered Worship: Letting the Gospel Shape Our Practice). 
* Learned a lot about myself and my relationship with the Lord
* Started searching for a new church.  I have gone to the same wonderful church since I was 3.  I couldn't have asked for a better church to grow me and love me.  But, now that MR.P and I are our own little family we feel like we need a smaller church to really get involved in, be held accountable, and grow in. 

It's crazy to think another year has gone by.  I was always told to cherish my time here on earth because once I got older time would start to FLY by.  I just didn't realize they meant it would start flying by the age of 25!  This year MR.P and I have some goals we want to stick to.  Not resolutions, but GOALS.  We think goals last longer and are easier to attain.  I would share them, but they are a little boring :)

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