Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fabric Flowers

My parents gave me this wonderful sewing machine for Christmas!  I finally had a chance to sit down and learn how it works.  It took me a whole hour to read the instructions on getting the bobbin all set up and threaded.  Sad, I know, but true.

And this was my first try :(

Not looking so good.  But, thats ok.  I called my sister Dani and she came to the rescue.  She came over the next day and helped me with a few tips.  This fabric was very easy to learn with because of the lines.  They gave me an easy follow for my stitches.  I started out with a tiny pillow.  It was simple enough.  What I really needed was a large pillow cover for our office.  MR.P and I like to sit there and read while the other uses the computer.  So I started making that on Tuesday night and it was very simple! 

Then I wanted to spruce up the 2 pillows so I found some tutorials on how to make fabric flowers!
First I followed this one from Maize in Montana.  It was a little difficult, but I am sure VERY easy for people who sew a lot.  I am going to make a few more to practice so I can make them easily.  I liked it because it frays and gives character.

Then I decided to try one more kind.  (I found about 8 different tutorials, so I have plenty more to try!)  This one was much easier.  It's a cut out flower from Wise Craft.  It turned out soooo cute!  Now the ordinary, plain pillow is cute!

I think my next flower to try will be this one from Grace Violet.  It looks easy and simple because it uses a sewing machine instead of sewing by hand.  She seems like a really cool mom!  I think we'd be friends!


Emily said...

I love embellishments, especially these! Thanks for the link to Grace Violet, going to try those for gifts this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I like your flowers! And I like Grace Violet too. :)

It barely snowed up here. None of it stuck to the ground at all. :(