Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My go to outfit

I am definitely one of those people that finds one outfit that I like and then I want to live in it.  Too bad it's not cool to wear the same outfit everyday :(  Oh well.  This is pretty much what I live in on the weekends though!

Patagonia Fleece - MR.P gave this to me for Christmas last year.  LOVE it!!  This is one of their better priced fleeces, which made it affordable for a special gift.
Seven for all mankind jeans - I know I know.  They are expensive.  But they are THE BEST jeans in the world.  I have never once bought a pair for full price.  T.J. Maxx, Loemanns, and Off 5th have them for major discount prices.  Try them!!  You'll fall in love :)  They make for a good bday gift!
Polo button up oxford - I lived in these in college and I still love them.  The Polo outlets always have them for $30-$40.  Not my usual spending habit on my shirts, but they are good shirts, so I usually get one for a bday gift or something.  (this picture is from gap, but thats ok)
Bare Minerals Make up - This stuff totally saved my face.  I started using it about 3 years ago and LOVE it!!  I have really sensitive skin and it has taken a liking to it!  It really comes at a great price.  To start out its about $60, but it lasts forever!! 
Clear lip gloss - the stuff I am currently using is from target.  Can't beat those prices!
Ruffle hoodie - Old Navy.  Go now!!  It's on sale for $9.99!!!  I love this hoodie.  It makes the casual a little cuter :)
Nine west flats - I love cute flats.  The ones I currently own right now I got as a gift for my bday.  They don't have them now, but these are similar.  On sale for $40!
Sunglasses - These are Ray bans...don't own them sadly.  But I don't leave the house without my snazzy target $10 ones. 
D&B purse - MR.P found it on sale so again it was a gift!  We don't make a habit of spending a lot of money on just regular stuff.  Bdays and Christmas are usually special times to get a gift that you wouldn't normally buy.  Makes it fun!

So anyway, this is what my everyday wear is...except in the office ;)  That's a different story for a different day. 


Anonymous said...

I love Sevens too but you already know that. Sadly I have never been able to find mine on sale/discount though.

And I just got a patagonia half zip recently at REI's winter clearance sale. It is my first Patagonia item and I am in love with it. I want to wear it every day it's so soft and comfy. I will have to keep their fleece's in mind for next christmas.

Fun collage!!

Would love to see your work attire too!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

Oh girl, we are one in the same--I think you posted my outfit from the last 10 saturdays :)