Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Front Entrace Table for Mudroom

Alright, so good Tuesday morning to everyone!  I have a new furniture piece to show you all, but before that, I have a little story to share.  As one of our goals for this year, MR.P and I started going to the gym.  Well, when we joined the gym we got a free personal training session.  We met with Victor (I didn't change his name because I don't want to protect him because he was NOT INNOCENT!!!) and discussed a good diet for us.  Then last night we met up with him again to go over a workout.  Only, he had asked another guy in training to do the workout with us.  OMGosh!!!!!  I have never felt so weak in my entire life!  I thought I was going to die.  After our workout, we find out this was the toughest workout on Victor's list.  I think he really wanted to scare us into needing our own personal trainer.  Well, good try buddy, but we are good on our own.  We're not trying to be body builders here or our own personal trainers.  We just want to be in good shape.  That's all.  Thankfully, my sweet friend Kim is a personal trainer and she wrote out some full body workouts for me.  I think I'll stick to those.  And just fyi...I am VERY sore today.  We plan on working out tonight to work out the soreness!

Ok, now onto our new furniture piece.  MR.P and I went to my favorite antique place on Saturday.  We were looking for a bench (and have been for a while) for the front entrance.  The baskets just aren't working out.  Not because we don't like the asthetics of it, but because we couldn't find the studs in the wall to drill into so the baskets would be sturdy.  One reason I love MR.P so much is because he gets into decorating too!  He went looking for some license plates (another project on our hands) but ended up finding a GREAT piece for the front entryway!  I love how rustic it is!  So here you go!

I ended up sanding the edges of the mirror down so that it matched the table a little more.  Sadly, I think the mirror needs something else.  But, thats a project for another day!

We ended up using one of the baskets because I thought it brought the mirror and the table together a little more (color and style wise).  Speaking of baskets...my mom texted me (yes, my little sister taught her how to text.  We're so proud!) the other day and told me that Pottery Barn is selling these baskets now!  And for guess how much?  $24 a piece!  I got these babies at Scott's Antique market for $9 each :)  Proud of my find!!

Lastly, I think we are going to cut the legs down on this table.  It's a little high, which makes hanging coats difficult.


Emily said...

I love the table, and I really love the basket paired with the table - such a great mix!

Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

good for you for getting into the gym!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

i agree; i LOVE the table and basket. what are your plans for the mirror?


Design A-Peele said...

I haven't decided what to do with the mirror yet. Any ideas?