Monday, January 4, 2010

Ok I caved

I said I didn't want to write down my goals because they were boring.  Well, really I didn't want to come across as having my act together all the time.  But as I thought about my/our goals they will actually tell you a lot about how imperfect I/We are.  So here goes!

* Wake up 30 min earlier than usual on work days to spend time in the WORD - this is a major struggle for me because I really enjoy a little extra sleep.  This will start my day off where it should and give it a relaxing start. 
* Learn to be more thoughtful - think of others as more important than myself.
   - finish taking nieces on dates with MR.P and I
   - Give thoughtful gifts to friends more often
* Learn to SEW more things than just a pillow!
   - burp cloths for friends - LOTs of my friends are preggo!  Whoohoo!!!
* Take MR.P on a spend the night date.  Maybe here?
* Go on a beach vacation with just MR.P -  We've taken a few GREAT trips with friends and family, but we really need a trip with just the 2 of us to relax.
* SAVE more - stick to financial budget we've set using the cash system.
* Read more books
* Be more intentional with my time
* Ask intentional questions - be more INTENTIONAL with friends!
* Work out 3 times a week - it's good for our hearts.  Also, I want to live as long as I can with MR.P, so working out and staying healthy will help that :)

I am sure there are a TON of other things I want to do or get done, but its really tough to narrow everything down.  So first to get done on the list is working out today after work!  Then making a huge pillow's all good, it's a special BIG pillow cover.  It's stretching and growing me in the sewing process...oh and the patience arena!  Trust me!

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