Friday, March 26, 2010

Dining Room Inspiration

Our Dining room is a work in progress.  I would say that it's in the middle of being transformed to what we would like...just not quite there yet!  Here are a few pics of the fabrics, furniture, and such that is the room now. 

I would REALLY love to paint that piece of furniture a dark teal color.  I think it would be really different, so it would be a major stretch.  I'll have to get the guts up to do it.  What do y'all think?  Just in case you can't tell, the walls are yellow.

(only difference is that I spray painted the chandalier)

This table was my dad's when he was a kid and the chairs were my mom's when she was a kid.  I recovered the chairs in a black and cream colored ticking strip.  I wanted to sand down the sides of the table to give it a rustic look, but when I tried it didn't go so well. 

As I was looking at one of my favorite blogs I saw this pic.

It is absolutely gorgeous.  I realized (nothing to do with the colors) that this is the style I want my dining room to be.  I realize my style is ALL over the place today, but I just can't quite figure out how to do my dining room!!  Soo tough!!!  I am at a loss :( 

I know I have to keep my table and chairs at the moment.  So all of the changes will have to be like painting furniture, what to put on the wall, and accessories.  HELP a girl out here.  Tell me what you think I should do!


Scientific Housewife said...

I love how yours looks but you definitely need some color in there somewhere.

Kylie said...

Go for the teal! We're going to be painting our walls Bermudan Blue by Behr Ultra (UL230-21) with a lighter color on the bottom half. The colors is awesome in person!

Love the Decor! said...

The draperies are beautiful!!!

Miki said...

Is your carpet an orangy color? I'd jump off of the orange in your inspirational picture since it has some orange in it by adding some of the other elements/textures/colors from the inspirational picture to add depth and interest to your dining room. Your walls are yellow, and the drapes are gorgeous (kind of a play off of the fabric on the orange chairs in the picture), add interesting art and accessories to bring more interest to the room, eventually coming up with your own take on the inspirational picture. Hope this helps some :-) MIKI

Stephanie said...

I love the damask drapes! We have teal/brown damask pillows in our living room and I love them! Go for the teal!!

Dayka (Life +Style) said...

love the curtains--are they the ones from target? if so, they definitely don't look like it. i only guessed because i was thinking of using them myself.

i think you have a lot of great things going well. the room is great and has a beautiful window. if possible, i would raise the curtains to right under the ceiling to give a more dramatic effect like what's in the photo. if they're not long enough, you can always add black fabric to the hem to fill the gap. i think a distressed teal piece would look great in there, but not sure if it would work well on the one you have because the top is so much lighter than the bottom. a glossy grey would also be a nice color to try as an alternative. your table and chairs are REALLY nice--you're so lucky! you can always sand the table with an electric (or hand) sander and then polyurethane over the top--i think it would look AMAZING. your chairs are a little modern for the inspiration photo, but i would not get rid of them. maybe over time (craigslist??) you can find ones you love and then keep your mom's to use around the house. would you consider painting the room grey, or is that out??

Bek* said...

DO IT! but you know me, i'll never tell you not to paint something...well, rarely.

Kim said...

It's hard to tell how much room there is from these photos, but if possible, I'd try to anchor the mirror with a piece of furniture under it. Would the chest fit under it? I have 3 pictures on my dining room wall w/nothing under them and I always wonder what to put under them to anchor them.

Also, do you need the blinds for privacy? If not, I think it would be so pretty to see the daylight through the windows like in the inspiration photo.

Have fun!

Katie said...

I really like your fabric!!! Too cute

Anonymous said...

loving these photos!
thanks for sharing darling
and thanks for the lovely comments, they mean the world!


Red said...

It looks so good Beth!!! I would totally paint that piece of furniture teal! It would just add a touch of color to that style! But I don't know about the yellow walls, depends on how strong that yellow is.We have teal accents(bed spread,candles,throw rug,picture above our bed) in our bedroom, and our walls are very yellow, not by choice though and it still looks good!!