Monday, June 21, 2010

If I were going to buy a new outfit this is what it'd be!

If I were going shopping today, this is what I would buy.  I love wearing jeans with cute flats and a t-shirt.  It's one of my favorite looks!  Even during the summer.

Seven for All Mankind Dojo Jeans - these jeans are flattering on most body types.  I like to have a long pair to wear with wedges and a short pair to wear with flats.  I currently only have a short pair to wear with flats, and they are from Gap ;)  They are actually a great fit and I wear them often.  You can also find them at special T.J. Maxx stores and Off 5th Avenue.

Pale Yellow Flats from J.Crew - I don't usually buy expensive shoes, but I do love to find a good deal on quality shoes.  If these were on sale for $20 I probably wouldn't blink an eye ;)

AWESOME earrings - These are currently sold out, but they are amazing!!  I'd probably use these from Stella & Dot that I already have! They pretty much go with everything!

Striped t-shirt - I found this one in crew cuts onsale for $23.  But I found one at Target a few weeks ago for $8.99!  So I guess I wouldn't have to buy the whole outfit ;)

This outfit looks happy and fun to me!  You could dress it up with some cute wedges too!


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

What a fun post! I like those earrings.


Anonymous said...

I like the outfit you put together! But I don't know how you can wear jeans in this heat Beth. It's too hot for me. :)

Meredith Perdue said...

Love your blog! Also, my step-father's last name is Peele (so, now my mother's is!), so I am particularly drawn to the name of your blog. How fun!

Kim said...

Cute outfit! I recently did a post about a nautical striped tshirt too. Great minds think alike.

I'm bummed the tshirt is from Crew Cuts though. Can you buy shirts from the kids' section?

Katie said...

Give me some striped shirt, jeans, and flats any day of the week! I just bought a summer sweater wrap that is just like that shirt!

Style Attic said...

The earring are the cake topper for sure! How classic, how cool :)