Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Things I'm Itching to Do Around Our House!

First of all, I am sorry I haven't been blogging like my usual self.  I haven't done many projects around our house because life has been so busy, and let's face it...projects take money!  (We've been saving for vacation!)  I keep having to tell myself I would rather have a fun a relaxing vacation than have new accesories for the house or clothes :)

Anyway, here are a few things I have been itching to do around our house.  I figure blogging about it will make me feel better.  Plus, it can organize my thoughts and maybe, just maybe one of you will know an inexpensive way for me to get some of these checked off my list! 

1.)  Rug for Dining Room - Our dining room has needed a little something to pull everything together.  I saw this project over at Little Green Notebook via Miss Miggy stayed Home

Miggy took this basic rug from Ikea...

and did this...

and turned it into this!!

What a smart way to make something work for you!  On a budget!  She only spent $36 :) 
This is definitely something I am putting on the list to try!

2.) Sillouettes OR Initials above our Mud Room - I have this blank space above our mudroom mirror.  I can't decide between making some sillouettes of Matt and I and framing them OR getting a "M" and a "B" and spraypainting them.  Hobby Lobby always has them half off and they are the perfect size.  So it would be a total of $10 for either choice. 

3.)  Moss Covered Initials - I would Love to put these initials... (in "M" and "B" of course!)

 over this mirror! 

This room needs a few things to pull it together.  If I do initials here, I probably won't do anything over the mudroom.  I don't like TOO much on the walls. I think these initials are priced very well at $16 each and could definitely be what this room needs!  (P.S. I got this idea from a friend!)

4.) Fabric lining Kitchen Cabinets - MR.P and I have been contemplating taking off 2 cabinet doors in our kitchen.  We have the perfect place.  If we end up doing that, I would LOVE to back the cabinets in a really fun printed fabric. 

I found this tutorial on Little Green Notebook.  Can you tell I love this blog?? :)  Doesn't seem too hard and wouldn't be very expensive. 
Here are some fabrics I love and would consider using. 

5.) Bottles hanging from Kitchen Window - ok, how cute would this be??

This would be soo cheap and easy to do!  Just save any bottles that you have around your house.  Twine is usually about $1 at any home improvement store. And bam!  You've got yourself a little outdoor garden :)

Those are just a few projects I'd love to get done, but life is busy and too many other things to do!  Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday!


Julianne Hendrickson said...

I love the moss green initials! Too cute :) That rug is quite an endeavor...can't wait to see what you decide on, but yes, vacation will be better!!!

Anna Armstrong said...

I LOVE the moss covered letter! I may have to do that one at home...and I saw something similar to the bottles in the Pottery Barn catalog where they hung jars from twine and put candles in them for outdoor lighting. I'm thinking through that one.

Love these ideas, Beth!

Katie said...

Oh Beth I love the Little Green Notebook too! I really want to try the rug DIY, but will have to find one el cheapo before I can jump in. I love finding cute projects on the cheap! Great post girl!