Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Peele Anniversary Vacation of 2010

MR.P and I had a great time on our vacation.  We headed out on Wednesday to see our friends who live in Orlando.  They had a sweet baby boy about 6 months ago and we wanted to get some good time with them!  Jack is precious!

Isn't he soo cute??  I just love his little face!  We soo enjoyed getting to hang out with him for an extended amount of time.

Our first day at the Regal Sun Resort we enjoyed lunch at the pool and some nice down time.  This was about the only down time we had.  We were go go go the entire trip!

We went to Islands of Adventure with our friends.  MR.P and Katie were the Harry Potter nerds of the trip, so here's a pic of them :)

Matt has been friends with Katie and Derrick since freshman year of college.  Once I started dating Matt I was able to get to know them better too!  Fell in love with Katie and have had a few fun trips with the 4 of us :)

MR.P and I in front of the new Harry Potter ride.  It was pretty cool.  Although, Derrick threw up 3 times during the ride.  GROSS!

Here's Katie and I drinking our butterbeer.  It was AMAZING!!!  Soo good!  Totally worth it.  I am no Harry Potter nerd, but I would be for some free butterbeer!!

This was the candy store.  I thought it was going to be amazing.  Full of all the candy in the movie, but it just had a few...the chocolate frogs, jelly beans, etc. 

Sadly, this was all the pics we took.  We did have a marvelous time going to the outlets, spending time with each other, eating, and sleeping in a little bit.  I am so glad we did a little vacation for our 3 year anniversary.  It was really special for us to do something together.  Special thanks to bookit.com for helping us find a place to stay that was 70% off!! 


Scientific Housewife said...

That looks like fun! My friends have gone and said it was awesome, one even brought me back a chocolate frog :)

Brian and Ashley said...

I am SUPER jealous of your time in the Harry Potter part of the park. It looks awesome!

Katie said...

Oh I wish I could have gone! I love the books and I am sure y'all had a blast at the park... it looks like so much fun!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

looked like ya'll had fun!!! love that baby face :)

Ashley Buzzy McHugh said...

Beth, I cannot even explain how much I wish I could go to Harry Potter world. I am such a HP junkie. Haha! You need to read the books and appreciate it retrospectively!

Moxie Maley said...

Looks like you had a fabulous trip! Great photos!