Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wallpaper...yes? no?

Aesthetically I am a definite yes!  But definitely a no when it comes to the maintenance. 

I love the demension that wallpaper prints add to a room.  It just gives such character!!
Can you imagine if this room just had blank walls?  It would definitely take away the vintage feel to the room.

If I was going to use wallpaper I would just do one wall to accent a room.  That way I am meeting in the middle.  I get the detail in the room I want without having to maintain and take down all 4 walls.

Love this dressing room.  I like that the wallpaper is a bold print, but in a very simple color so it doesn't overwhelm you! (Love that chandalier too!)


This one is bold, but I REALLY like it.  Love the bike accent.

Ok, and lastly Carrie and Big's apartment from Sexy and the City 2.  It's just too pretty not to post!

OR you could just paint stripes as a good alternative!   These stripes just make everything in the room POP!  Love the way the pink flowers really just bring the room together with that black frame!


And this one...I love the simplicity! And we all know I LOVE me some chalkboard paint! (looks like gray is the way to go with stripes)


Love the pop of red in the chandalier!


Even though stripes make us think modern, I think you can give them any look you want. Modern, classic, vintage...anything!  It's all about the accesories and colors you add to make the room your own.

Another alternative to wallpaper would be a back drop like the one below. 

Not sure what magazine this actually comes from, but it looks like it's shudders covered in fabric.  You could choose a bold fabric to really make a statement or something that will blend in, but add a little color.  I love this idea :)  It even doubles as a headboard!

Wallpapering can be expensive and time consuming.  Painting is something you can do on your own with just a little bit of help. And covering shudders with fabric is EASY!  These are all 3 great ideas to add some spiff to your room maker.


Moxie Maley said...

I just found your blog and love it - am now a follower! I personally LOVE wallpaper but agree that maintenance can be a downer - especially if you decide you no longer want it there. But for me, overall, it's a yes!

Ivy Lane said...

I just found you through Moxie Maley! LOVE your blog!!! I read your comment about being scared to go back to school... after reading your profile.. I think you are a SHOE IN as an interior is clear it is your passion! I am going to put you on my blog roll..and follow you!

Ivy Lane said...

oh..and YES to wallpaper...

Julianne Hendrickson said...

love wallpaper...too expensive and not easy enough to change for me! i would love to do some stripes somewhere...i'm thinking our office would be a perfect place to start!!

Katie said...

I love wallpaper, but it depends on the room. The bolder the better, but I am a HUGE fan of textured wallpaper being painted... just delicious! Great post Beth!