Thursday, August 12, 2010

Frames for the Office

I have some random frames that I have never really found a home for.  This always annoyed me a little, but I gave up and put them in a box labled random home decor.  Well, the other day as I was working on our home office I decided that I wanted to use those frames since I wouldn't have to buy least I hope.  I began searching for frame arrangements to help me figure out the right one for the office. 

I had seen this idea once before, but had forgotten about doing this. 
It's tough to figure out the right arrangement so I think this is a smart move.  Trace all your frames onto paper then place on the wall.  That way you can move around until you find the right arrangement without putting 100 holes in your wall ;)

Here are a few pictures I found for inspiration.

(unsure where I found this)



WOW! LOVE the look of that!! Looks like a family tree. What a cool way to display it!

Love the idea of using a mirror.


Love the circle frames :)  They make me happy!

Lastly, this has been an all time favorite of mine. Not sure where it came from though. I am going to use pictures in mine, but this is still a great idea!

I started arranging my frames on the floor yesterday, but haven't found the right one.  I'll start the paper idea soon so I can really get the right arragement.  I am headed to Ikea next weekend.  I might have to get a few of their cheap frames to give it a finished look :) 

I am definitely incorporating this idea into the arrangement.
I have an extra knob that I am not using.  I wasn't sure what type of ribbon I would use until this morning.  I realized I wasn't using the tie backs from my drapes.  I can just use that!!  Hopefully it will look good and help tie things together :)

I'll try to take some pics to keep y'all in the loop!  Happy Thursday!

EDIT:  I found one more frame arrangement that is very inspiring.
Emily A. Clark - Love her office!


lauren elizabeth said...

I can't wait to see the final result. I'm tackling a photo collage as well this weekend!

Katie said...

Good luck with those and take some pcitures on how to use the paper when laying out your design. I am curious to see it in action. I will be doing some arranging myself in a few weeks, but my weekend project is painting our wine rack... so fun!

Tatum-LeTard said...

I am seriously LOVING this. Mainly because I have been trying to think of a way to creatively add me and my fiance's engagement pictures throughout our house without completely going overboard with the "look at us when you walk through the door" decor when guests come over! haha! Thanks for this idea! I am saving your blog post!

Dianna said...

something else you may try...arrange the frames on the floor and than place them on the wall.

I like your inspirational photos.

Scientific Housewife said...

What a great idea, I love frames set up like that!

Kristy said...

These are all so inspiring!