Monday, August 2, 2010

Luncheon Center Pieces

This past week my friend Jenn and I did the center pieces for a luncheon for our husband's work.  The company they work for does a week long training.  At the end of the week the wives are invited to join in so they can be celebrated!!  We spent a few weeks searching for inspiration and we finally found a few we liked. 

(unknown source)

(unknown source)

238 emails later we decided to go with the first one.  It seemed to be the most cost efficient choice, plus easy to use later!

Here we are with Brittany putting everything together the morning of.  Brittany has the cutest little boy ever named Gunnar!  Could just pinch his cheeks all day long!

Here's the break down:
*  We bought the mazon jars at Wal-mart.  They were $8 for 12 mason jars.  We bought 12 pint and 12 quart sized to give a little depth. 
* We used burlap instead of ribbon.  Burlap was $4 for 1 yard.
* Flowers were around $20

Here is the finished product!  I think they were perfect for the venue.  It was the cutest little farm house, called Miltons, in Crabapple, Ga! 

And celebrating that we got it all done in time!!

Stay tuned for the center pieces we did for dinner!


Bek* said...

i LOVED the alstroemeria! i thought they turned out fantastically! everything was beautiful!

Scientific Housewife said...

I always forget that jars can make great centerpiece vases! Great photos :)

abby @ tales and trials said...

Your centerpieces turned out so cute. And your hair looks cute too! I guess you decided to cute it? :)

Katie said...

Oh my gosh those turned out so cute! Y'all did a great job and I would love to see how you got the burlap to stay put :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Love how you used the burlap! Everything looked great! We're using burlap for our table runners for our beach wedding recpetion :)

lauren elizabeth said...

there is a restaurant in New Orleans that uses those same exact centerpieces. It's a little neighborhood cafe and I love going there because of the fresh flowers. Simple yet sophisticated!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

such a cute idea! I am having a shower for a friend in Sept. and need ideas desperately! it is a "stock the bar" shower, so I think I will use wine bottles for flowers, but we will see!

Brian and Ashley said...

Those look great! I love the burlap accents.
A friend of mine's fiance does Boosterthons in the Birmingham area- I think she was there last weekend too! Did you meet a girl named Cassie?

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

LOVE it! Love the 'price tag' ...the reusability and the elegant simplicity of it. PERFECT

Moxie Maley said...

The centerpieces look fabulous! Great job!