Thursday, September 23, 2010

Struggling Today

Somedays I think Target will solve ALL of my problems.  Today is one of those days. And I am giving in, but only by looking around. You see, MR.P and I are on a cash budget and it makes me think twice as hard before I purchase something like clothes or things for the house. It stinks, but is oh soo worth it!

I love ALL of these looks...especially the black polka dot sweater one. 

Oh and I love this casual look too.  Probably wouldn't go with the purple heals with those pants, but it's still a cute look. I'm a flats girl myself. The purple and gray is just too cute.  I don't get dressed up much, so styles like this, really pull me in.

Minus the hat, this is also a cute look. I don't have a lot of purple in my closet, but this makes me want some!  The orange purse is a perfect addition to make this outfit really pop! 

And here's my remedy today. If you are struggling (like me) and really feel like you have nothing in your closet, "shop" online or in magazines for inspiration! It will surprise you how much you really do have to create similar outfits you see.  By looking at these clothes I realized I have the following items that I never put together:

* khaki pants JUST like those cute gray ones.
* lots of cute cardigans to create some of these looks! 
* teal purse that can create the same color pop as the orange one.
* cute button ups to create the first look
* khaki skirt that I haven't worn in forever
* oh!! and a great pair of gray cords!

See, it's like I just went shopping!  Here is one last way to figure out new outfits...clean out your closet!!!  Having less in your closet lets you see what you really do have!  If you are going to shop, make sure to buy things you really do love! Even if that means buying the one $30 shirt instead of 2 $15 ones that are just ok. 

 Happy Friday (today is my Friday!)  MR.P has been gone all week to VA and is coming home today. I am taking Friday off so we can spend some time together. Can't wait.  Love him a lot!!!


Scientific Housewife said...

Target is by far one of my favorite places for clothes. It never fails to have affordable, amazingly cute stuff and when I saw their fall stuff, I wanted it all!

Ashley Buzzy McHugh said...

My remedy for leaving Target with $150 worth of stuff in my buggy is to just not go into Target if I can at all help it! Once you're there, it's torture. I usually try to go to my favorite stores like Anthropologie or J.Crew once every three or four months to look through the sale section. The bargains aren't as great, but that means I can't afford to go buy "filler clothes" at Target - keeps my closet slim. I feel you on the struggle though!

Natasha said...

i LOVE me some target and i think their fashion gets better EACH season!!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

Oh yes, Target CAN fix everything! We are going to an all cash budget next month in order to save for the air conditioner...UGH. We need to update each other on how it goes :)

Brian and Ashley said...

Those polka dotted cardis are super cute! I haven't been to Target in awhile- I think I need to go... after my Sept. paycheck :)

Kristin said...

You've inspired me. I SO need to purge my closet and take inventory of what I have!