Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Thursday. MR.P and I have had a pretty relaxing week. It's been nice. We honestly didn't really plan anything this week except for a chili night with our Community group...which was lots of fun!  The kids watched Toy Story 3 (because I forgot to take it back) and that was a big hit. The adults talked and laughed and may or may not have planned a really fun night :)  Oh the things I wish I had done as a teenager. I was pretty black and white, so I didn't do many adventurous things ;)

Ok, this post is going to be really random, so be prepared. Since it has started getting dark so early, MR.P and I have started to really enjoy movie nights. We joined netflix because we don't have many tv stations we like. Plus, the cable is only on for football season.  We aren't strict about tv or anything, we just realized that we weren't using it all that much.  Ok, so Netflix. Y'all...Gossip Girl is our new fav! I love that show. I am not a teenager, but for some reason it just grabs my attention. LOVE when I find a tv show that both MR.P and I enjoy.
Us enjoying movie night :)  Also, GO DAWGS! (that was for MR.P)
Moving on. Matt really likes these hats.  I tried one on a while ago (see long hair) but it just wasn't right.
Does anyone know where I can find one that isn't too floppy? And fits a smaller head? Target has a couple, but they are all too big.

This last month has been full of babies being born!!  It's been so fun to share in the joys of our friends and their new babies.

1st up is the Baileys!  Sweet, precious friends welcomed their first and it was a boy!

2nd is The Carneal Family! They welcomed their first baby boy :)
(Picture stolen from the talented Jenn Boughey!)

And lastly, our friends the McHughs! They welcomed a precious baby girl :)
Sweet family photo :)
They moved to Nashville and we miss them so much!  Evan is actually an amazing musician. Y'all should definitely check him out. 

The rest of our week will be relaxing until Saturday.  We are NOT ga tech fans, but Matt's cousin plays for them. So we are going to a ga tech game to support him. Other than that, we plan to just relax and have a fun weekend.  I might add a few projects in and some christmas shopping :)

Been busy with these.
And, since we have a great computer now, I have been desiging and creating my own gifts. So fun :) Just wish our printer would stop giving me such a hard time. Us Peeles do not have great luck with printers.

In two weeks we are heading to Seaside for Thanksgiving with my family!!  We can't wait!!


Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

i am jealous of all the time you get to spend with your mr. i am thrilled if i get one night a week!

love the bows!

Katie said...

go tech! we are season ticket holders. i'm not sure how much of a tailgate we are doing this week (since it is an early game) ... but if you want to stop by it would be great to see you!

Katie said...

You guys are too cute! We did the same thing when we cut back on our budget... Netflix makes is a fun date night. PS I love those little flowers you are making. A few stylists at my work make them and put them on everything... my latest favorite has been aprons! Hope you are doing well sweet Beth!

Jennie and Devin said...

Beth, how do you make those flower bows/pins?? I love them!