Monday, December 27, 2010

Baby Room Inspiration

Once we found out that we were definitely adopting a baby I allowed myself to save some pictures for inspiration. I still wake up every morning in awe of what God is doing.  Pinch me!!

(source unknown)
I love the pops of color in this one. Very happy looking! Reminds me of pink lemonade.

(source unknown)
I absolutely love the geometic designs on the wall. I think it was done with tape!  Always wanted to get some of this. It's good for wall decor as well as wrapping gifts!

I loved how all of the bedding was different patterns. This is where I got the idea of making our's all different patterns.

(unknown source)
I love this. We have MR.P's baptism outfit. His mom gave it to us for Christmas so I'm thinking we'll do something like this!

(unknown source)
I love this collection and how its descending! Very creative!

(unknown source)
I loved all these fabrics together...but I especially love the plates behind the bed!

(unknown source)
This one is one of my favorites! This is where I got the "look and feel" I was going for. We'll see if it turns out that way ;)

(unknown source)
#1 favorite inspiration picture. I wish I had been collecting letters for a while! How awesome would this be in the baby room?!?!

Always loved these! Inspiration for our drapes.

Just love this fabric!

(unknown source)
love how the top part of the wall is done in a design! Smart!

(unknown source)
love the basket. I also incorporated a basket like this into the room. Just can't reveal quite yet...but I'll tell you this...I did put books in it!

UPDATE: this was sent to me by a great friend Rebekah!
Definitely is VERY helpful in making the room complete!

And there you have it! I loved all of these and they helped me come up with how I wanted our baby room to look. If you know where some of these pictures came from let me know! I can't believe I didn't save them :(


Scientific Housewife said...

Great inspirations!

Ashley Buzzy McHugh said...

Those cute metal letters that spell "Henry" are from Urban Outfitters if you're interested. I almost bought some about a hundred times, but never could pull the trigger. I don't know why, they're not expensive!

Shorely Chic said...

Love them all!! Especially the baby room with the oars :)

Philip Byrne said...

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