Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone! It's 2011 and I can't believe it! I feel like since I graduated college, life has flown by! MR.P and I got married, bought a house, and now we are adopting a baby. It's just crazy to me!  I feel so blessed.  Even during the difficult times, it was good. God was stretching and growing Matt and I. I can't tell you the amount of sweet conversations we had about how good God was and how he was taking care of us. Praise God!! He is GOOD! And now, in 4 weeks and 6 days our baby is due!! In Georgia, there is a 10 day waiting period where the mother can change her mind. Once the baby is born and those 10 days are over, we will let you know what the baby is and post a picture :) I cannot wait!!

We are so excited about this year. For NYE we went to dinner with some friends.  They were working at the Passion conference here in Atlanta, so we headed down town to pick them up.  We went to Tin Lizzy's which is one of our favorite restaurants. 

Me and the Mr.

Anna and Daniel.

Great time had by all! Then MR.P and I we went home and had a great night by the fire reading and watching the peach drop :) 

The rest of our long weekend was spent relaxing, cleaning the house, and organizing for the new year.  It was very relaxing and now I am ready for this baby to come! Hope everyone else had a great New years!!


Jenn said...

Happy New Year! I have to ask where that necklace is from--I LOVE it!

HannahJ said...

So exciting! What a huge year for the two of you! I am so excitied to see your journey into motherhood! Bless you!

Green Door Girl said...

Happy New Year - can't wait to hear about baby Peele - I know the 6 weeks will both drag by and be here before you know it! So exciting!

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Katie said...

Hey Beth! I am glad you had a wonderful New Year and can't believe it's getting close for you to be a new mommy!! So exciting! I know there is a waiting period and I will be thinking of you. Sounds like so many good things have come your way and you deserve every bit of it! 2011 is going to be great!