Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1st Baby Shower

While we were preparing for Smith's arrival family and friends gave us some beautiful baby showers.  We felt so special and loved!

The first shower was at my parent's house.  My mom wrote out different scripture for each person there to read out loud as a prayer for our family.  Some were for Matt as a new dad.  Some were for me.  And some were for Smith...then some were for us a family!  It was so special!

Me and my friend Katie.  She picked me up.  Took me to get starbucks and then drove me to the shower.  So special.  She also did this for me for one of my wedding showers :)  Makes everything all the more special!

This is 2 of my sisters, my niece Charlotte, and a great family friend.

This is all the Pelletier girls.  (I'm in the middle in stripes)

And this is Matt's family!  I stick out like a sore thumb ;)

This shower made everything feel all the more real.  We couldn't believe that in less than a month our baby boy was going to be born!


Matt showed up and helped open the gifts.  It was so special sharing a shower with my sweet husband. I loved seeing him excited about his son!

We are doing great right now.  Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I think that's my longest break ever!!  Smith is growing like a little weed!  He is such a big boy right now!  Smiling, laughing, and "talking".  We just can't get enough of him right now.  He'll be 4 months next week. Where does the time go!!

It's tough to get a smile on camera bc my iphone is SOOOO slow!  So this one will have to do :)  Such a big boy!


Natasha said...

what a fun looking shower!!! love it and even more special he came to open gifts with you ;)

Ms. Bright said...

That is such a sweet way to show y'all love! He's getting so big now!!

p.s. I'm having a pretty dress giveaway over on my blog...come enter it, the color would be great on you!!


Julianne Hendrickson said...

he is so beautiful!! i love the pics :) miss hearing from you!

Green Door Girl said...

He is getting so big now and so so cute! So Matt is the baby of two older sisters? :) now that we are having a baby boy, I am now "seeing" all these two girls and a boy families and loving it! :)

design elements said...

adorable big boy! my son turned 1 some days ago :-) warm hugs to you

Jennie said...

Smith is such a handsome boy! Seriously...he is SO HANDSOME!