Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Shower for My sister

This post is insanely late, but I wanted to share.  My sister had a sweet baby boy named Christopher on April 7th.  But before he arrived we were able to have a little shower to celebrate his arrival!  He is the second boy out of the 11 grandchildren on my side of the family.  Smith is the first :)

Anyway, we wanted to go ALL boy on this shower.  I started by borrowing a few old fashioned trucks from a friend.  Thanks Lori!  Then I bought a few little plain onesies and printed out some designs on transfer paper, especially when you aren't great at sewing...or your sewing machine is stupid.  Whichever fits :)  Mine is stupid ;)  This stuff is such a time saver!  

Here are the preparations.  Instructions on the computer (so I don't mess up), iron, onesie, phone...you know, the basics.

You start by ironing the onesie.  That way the transfer paper irons on perfectly.  You need to use a pillow case underneath you as well.  I ironed the pillow case too just in case.

Then I cut the design out of the transfer paper and made sure I positioned it on perfectly before I ironed it  on.  I cut the design out as closely as I could so that I didn't get any extra white on the onesie.  It probably wouldn't have shown, but I wanted to make sure it looked good.

And voila!  Perfection! 

CMT is not for "Country Music Television".  It's for Christopher Michael Taylor :)

I made three onesies and added 2 pair of pants.  I used twine and clothes pins to hang the clothes on.  This is pretty typical decoration, but you can really customize to make the mama-to-be feel special!

In this case my sister was about to be a mom for the 3rd time!  I love how all of my sisters have kids :)  It's so fun to watch them grow!

After I did this one I realized it looked a little bit like the coke symbol.  Oh well :)

I had a diaper cake that we put cute ribbon and bakers twine on.  Made it look adorable!  Then I made the tissue paper pom poms by Martha Stewart.  They are so easy!  You should definitely try them out.  Even for a baby nursery! I have contemplated putting them in the corner  of Smith's room.  The jury is still out on that.

I cut name tags out and used bakers twine to attach them.  Why does bakers twine make everything so much cuter? Here is an etsy shop that has great prices on their twine :)  I use it to wrap presents, decorate, and pretty much anything else that I can think of.

I then used some mason jars to put all the utensils in. I tied ribbons around the jars to add a special flare.  Again, why are mason jars so simple, yet make things so cute?   Isn't that truck so cute?  It matches my kitchen so well! I put the napkins in there and it was perfect.

The whole set up!

And then the special chair for the mom!  

We had a great time just hanging out and helping my sister prepare for this precious baby boy!  Thank goodness he was a boy, because Smith needs another boy! I think they'll be like brothers :)

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Anna Dearmon said...

Really adorable party! Such great inspiration :)