Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rachel & Abby's Dorm Room Design

First off, Rachel is my little sister.  She is 8 and a half years younger than me.  I am the 4th in our family of 6 and she is the 5th.  Anyway, she is going off to college in about 10 days.  We are going to miss her a lot! But a part of me thinks we might see her more often since she'll be in Matt and I's college town!  Whoohoo! Go DAWGS!  

So Rachel and her roommate Abby came to me and asked if I would put together some design ideas for their dorm room.  I gladly accepted the challenge.  They had already picked out their bedding, so I just went from there.  The girls came over one week night (with a QT drink and snacks in hand) and we had a little meeting about a few specifics:

1.)  Budget - I wanted to make sure what I put together for the girls was budget friendly for both families.
2.) Taste - We talked about what both girls like and dislike.  Turns out they like the same things...made my job easy!
3.) What they already have and plan to use.
4.) Were they willing to make a few little things?

Then we got to work.  I had already seen the bedding they chose, so I'd been thinking up a few ways to give the room some fun pops of color.  They chose bedding that is a little dark, therefore fun sheets and such will really make everything pop.

This is what a normal dorm room starts out as.
I think the space has great bones and structure to make it a non typical dorm room.

Now for the plan

Resource list:
1.)  Bedding - Anthropologie
2.) Behr Paint- Spirit Whisper - they are going to paint their bunk beds.  Instead of plain wood it will be chic and classy.
3.) Artwork - Keep Calm and Eat a cupcake - framed in a cute vintage/girly frame.
4.) Polka dot sheets - Target
5.) Hardware for bunk beds - Anthropologie - The plan is to put these on their bunk beds for jewelry, scarves, etc...
6.) Artwork - Just Breathe - Perfect for all the studying that should be going on.
7.) Fabric for window drapes - Ikea - I think short/girly drapes will give a flirty look.

Both girls were happy with the design.  They move to Athens in a week or so. I can't wait to have a finished product to show you!


If you are interested in having a design put together please email me at  Here are a few things I consider in each of my designs:

* Your specific style
* Your budget
* What you already own that you would like to incorporate in your design
* Pieces of furniture, frames, etc that can be redone
* New pieces that can be found on a budget to fit your style

I know that sometimes you have either a few great pieces of furniture or some old things you'd like to make new, but you just can't figure out your style.  I would love to help you figure it out on a budget!  Please email me about specifics and pricing.

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