Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to make a Cow Costume

That's right :)  A few weeks ago was Cow Appreciation Day @ Chick-fil-a so the Peele family definitely wasn't missing out on that!  

We spent the night with Katie and Turner because MR.P was out of town.  So sweet of friends to let us stay with them!  Anyway, we all piled into my car and headed out!  Turner and Smith LOVE to hang out together.  

Katie and I love to go in search of the best deals!  So we headed to the local thrift store.

Smith and I had fun searching through all the great finds!

I don't know about anyone else, but we LOVE our baby carrier.  I love having Smith right there with me :)

That night Katie and I got creative and made little onesies for Smith and Turner for our free Chick-fil-a.

And you know what?  We didn't spend a dime.  I know, I know, at one point we did, but for this project we didn't have to spend anything.  We got creative.

Katie found an old t-shirt of her husband's that we used for the cow spots.  She also had some iron on stuff that we used.  We ironed onto the back of the shirt and then Katie cut out the spots

I had some extra onesies lying around.  After she cut the spots out I ironed them onto the shirts.  Simple as that.  No more work involved!  (I was tired, can you tell?)

So we woke up early and headed to breakfast.

And these are the finished products!  Are these not the cutest little cows you've ever seen?!?!  We used an eye liner pencil for their noses.  It definitely finished off the look :)

Smith had no interest in looking at the camera.  

We couldn't let the outfit go to waste, so we went for dinner too!

So happy to have Dad back home!!

Anyway, I just thought I'd share. I love making memories with our sweet baby boy :)  


HannahJ said...

He is so sweet indeed! and yes- baby carriers were my #1 most used baby item hands down!!! we still use our Ergo (on the back) with out 2.5 year old for long walks- LOVE IT.

The Clark's said...

What a fun couple of days we had together! I love Smith's tongue hanging out in the last pic:) He'll be ready for some CFA soon!!!