Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pinterest Saved Me Money

Everyone loves Pinterest. I myself was a bit skeptical at first because everyone said they were addicted. So I refrained for a while.  I joined when my friend Maggie sent me an invitation.  Thankfully I have not become addicted, but it has been really fun and enjoyable!  

Anyway, to my point.  Pinterest has saved me money!  I have not bought clothes in a good long while.  I've even cleaned out my closet and gotten rid of a few bag fulls.  I had a lot of things that I didn't love...thought I would like if I lost a few pounds...or if I had the right accessories.  You get the gist!  So I got rid of everything that didn't fit well or I didn't absolutely love.  Now my closet is easier to sort through and decide what to wear.  

I, like everyone else, still have a hard time becoming creative and assume I need more clothes.  So I went to Pinterest and searched "Fashion" & "J.Crew" (my favorite style).  I found a variety of different options with clothes that I already own!  Searching through Pinterest really helped me to the find ideas though.  In the past I have dog eared magazine pages or ripped them out, etc.  Using Pinterest helped me to organize them all into one spot!  So now, if I can't finding anything to wear, I just pull up my Pinterest App on my iphone and go to my "Fashion" Board and it helps me use what I already have!  

Using Pinterest not only helps me to figure out more options for everyday wear, but it also made me thankful for what I have, which is something I definitely struggle with.  I love clothes and it's hard not to worship them and think they will make me happy.  I have been reminded, as of late, that my significance is in Christ alone and NOTHING else.  Not my family, not my home, and definitely not what I wear.  God is Enough for me!!!!  

But, here are a few options I found that are helping me use what I have to create something different!

I already own some very wide leg jeans, a cute purple floral shirt, and a fun jacket.  I know, this is so simple, but I just never thought to wear the shirt and jacket together!  I think I'd add my cowgirl boots for a little something :)

I have a gray pair of pants that tie in the front.  I can wear a cute coral striped shirt tucked in. Again, I never thought of it! I just need to get my pants hemmed so I will wear them more often :)

I have a great black turtle neck and a flowy skirt that I've never thought to pair like this.  A brown thick belt could add a little dimension.  Either heals for a date night or ballet flats for everyday wear :)  Not sure I really need all the ribbon though!

This is similar on top to the first outfit that I posted. But the skinny cropped pants give it a cleaner/preppier look.  I bought some navy cropped pants a few years ago for $20 at J.Crew.  I wear them with a lot, but never thought of this.  I also have a jacket similar to this I got for $8.  Total score that was worth every penny!  I wear it all the time :)

So anyway, Pinterest made me thankful for what I have and saved me money!  Hope it can help you get inspired to use what you have in your closet :)

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Team Airhart said...

I have been avoiding pinterest at all cost...because I have also been afraid of getting sucked in and spending too much time on it. However, this is such a clever idea and I might have to check it out now!