Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving...a little late

Thanksgiving was definitely a few weeks ago, but it's better late than never, right?  We stayed here in Atlanta and had Thanksgiving at my family's house.  Matt's family joined us.  This year we had the pleasure of having some of my cousins that we haven't seen in a very long time!  One of which stayed with us at the Peele house :)

Sharon and Smith became fast friends!
Sharon lives in NYC so it was extra special to have her here with us!

Once we had all stuffed our faces we headed out for a walk to the park.

This is my little sister, Rachel. She is a freshman at UGA this year and loving it!  Go Dawgs!  Sad loss last night :(

Smith LOVED watching the boys play basketball. I think he would have watched for hours!  I think he's saying,"Mom, please move, you're blocking my view of the game!"  Love that sweet boy's face!

playing at the park!

Smith and his cousin, Charlotte.  They were both feeling a bit under the weather :(

My sisters, me and my mom! We all live here in Georgia. Such a blessing to have them all so close by!

Matt didn't want to take this picture bc he was dressed for playing basketball.  Good thing we did! We never got a chance to take another one!  

Smith and Charlotte sharing a swing. Smith looks quite sad, but he really was loving it!

A few days after Thanksgiving we all went as a family to help with Operation Christmas Child! It was such an amazing experience to be a part of!  We plan to do this every year!  Not sure how many boxes we helped to package up, but it was a lot! 

Sadly a few days later we realized that Smith had  a double ear infection + had to start using a nebulizer. But this sweet little man never once acted sick! He stayed a happy, sweet little man!  

He did NOT appreciate the breathing treatments.  Thankfully he is doing great, and is on the mend!

And I'll leave you with this!


HannahJ said...

That laugh is AMAZING- and he is an angel! Happy Thanksgiving!

sharongracepjs said...

Oh I am famous!! :)
It was a great visit - thank you!!

Jennie said...

Loved this post...loved seeing your family...loved seeing how cute Smith is as of late...and LOVED hearing him laugh. Emily is sitting right next to me while I watched the video, and she pointed to the screen and said, "Baby!"

Aly said...

I can't believe how big Smith is, and his laugh is just adorable!