Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Smith!!!

I cannot believe I am writing this, but Smith is officially 1 year old!!  Our sweet little man is no longer a baby.  We had a birthday party with all of our friends the weekend before his birthday.  I'm not sure how we fit them all into our house!  

We had a cowboy themed party.  A friend who is raising money for their adoption did his invitation!

It turned out perfectly!

We took more pictures, but they are on my sister-in-law's camera. So these will have to do for now.

The birthday boy enjoying his cake. He wasn't quite sure how to handle total freedom to dive in :)  We had to help him out a bit, but then he loved it!!  

Smith and his buddy Christian.  His mom Lyndie and I. We love having boys so close in age!

My wonderful friend Katie and her family came as well! Smith LOVES her little girls Turner and Margaret.

Matt and great friends.

At this point Smith was already down for his nap...the party was a bit overwhelming, so we let him sleep for a bit.  Anyway, these women are great friends! 

There were so many other precious friends and family there.  I just wasn't able to get those pictures yet.  
 We appreciated everyone being there to celebrate our little man as well as God's amazing and unbelievable faithfulness.  I still cannot believe we have this sweet little man :)

Smith is growing soo much!  He started walking a few weeks before his 1st bday, which was very exciting.  He is talking/babbling up a storm!  The words he can clearly say are "mama", "dada", "please" (while doing the sign language as well...we worked VERY hard on this one), "stinky" (while waving his hand in front of his face...hahaha!), "tickle", "that" (while pointing).  

So thankful for this little man.  I can't believe I get to stay home with him each day.  Happy Birthday little man!!

Oh and one last thing.  On Smith's actual birthday we had some fun plans, but they were ruined when we went in to get him up and sing "Happy Birthday".  We picked Smith up and he was burning hot.  He had a temp of 104.  I am usually not one to freak out, but I definitely did.  Thankfully my mom knew what to do and his temp came right down.  We headed to the dr. just to make sure.  It was just a virus...thank goodness!   This is one healthy child.  He was back to his normal self by that afternoon :)  

Here he was before he was feeling back to normal...

If you know him, he is NEVER still.  Always has somewhere to go ;)

And feeling better and snuggling with mom :)  


Livyb said...

So glad to see you back here. He is getting so big!

Aly said...

Bwth! I can't believe he is already a year old!! Time flies!