Thursday, August 16, 2012

5 year Anniversary Trip

MR.P and I have been married for 5 years now.  I cannot even believe it.  We were married on July 13, 2007.  It was actually a Friday.  Neither of us believe in superstitions so we didn't mind it being Friday the 13th.  It was supposed to be the hottest day ever with it being July, but it was perfect.  It actually rained a little bit!

Anyway, we feel so blessed.  We've been through a lot in the past 5 years, but we wouldn't change a bit.  Every difficult moment has forced us to remember the one who loves us most.  My faith has never been strengthened like it was the past two years.  God is good.  I feel like my words don't have as much meaning as I want them to at the moment, but that's ok.  I feel incredibly blessed and that's all that matters.

For our anniversary we decided to head to our favorite place! Seaside!  We left Smith with my parents and he had a marvelous time.  We got picture updates that kept us from missing him too much.  We stayed in Watercolor, which is now our favorite place.  It was the best 4 days of our marriage.  It was great to get away and spend time with just the two of us.  Because we have family, we get date nights on a regular basis.  For that we are SOOO grateful! But there is something about getting to spend the night out.  We had a blast.  I encourage every couple to get away if you can.  

I thought I'd share a few pics of our getaway.

We loved the place we stayed.  It was the cutest little carriage house over the sweetest family's garage in Watercolor.  I feel like we made fast friends with them! Hope we can stay there again.  The first day we were there we ate lunch and walked around all our favorite stores.  Then the bottom dropped out and drenched us.  It was pretty fun though.  Not having to put Smith in his carseat while I myself am getting soaked THEN put the stroller in the back and get a little more soaked was great :)  (for real, I absolutely love being a mom, but a small little break was amazing).  

We went out to dinner each night, which was great.  I'm not the greatest cook, so not having to stress over what to make that's healthy/easy to cook was such a blessing.  

We had beach passes to the Watercolor Resort and it was amazing.  

I seriously hope we get to go again.  We rode bikes everywhere.  To dinner. To shopping. And just for fun.  I wish I lived somewhere that people rode bikes all the time.  One day :)  In the meantime, we love where we live.  We loved our trip, but we loved coming home to our little man.  We missed him so much!!  Vacation is great, but home is so sweet!

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Brian and Ashley said...

We were married on July 14, 2007! Happy anniversary!