Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Awesome and amazing chairs

Can I just start out by saying that I LOVE free furniture?  Yeah, it pretty much makes my day when I see a friend post about free furniture if we can pick it up :)  Anyway, a few weeks ago some friends posted that these chairs were free game if someone could pick them up.

I was "sold" immediately.  I love the shape and tufting.  One day I will recover these, but I went with the free option for right now.  My friend Joy gave me some slipcovers for some wingback chairs.  I slipped those suckers on and this is what I got.

Not great, but thought maybe it looked really shabby chic? Maybe it looks like I don't care, but totally great still?  Nah, not so much.  My friend Katie came over and we turned the slipcovers inside out and started pinning everything a little tighter then sewed everything up.

Once we sewed everything up we cut off all the excess fabric.  And this is how it turned out!

They are soo much better!  And here's the back.  (Love the two little people running in the background)

We are enjoying the new chairs so much! (please pardon the mess) Thankful for these chairs!  One day I'll learn how to upholster this type of chair and they will look amazing. But they definitely work for now!  

We've done a ton of changes to our house lately.  I hope to share those very soon!

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