Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Etsy Shop Update

Good morning! Just thought I'd check in and say a huge thank you to everyone who has bought pillow covers from my Etsy Shop.  We've been able to raise a good amount for our adoption as well as for some of our friends.  

Here is the most recent addition to the Shop.

We hope to start a home study in the next few months.  But we will see.  It's definitely different having a child and trying to start the process.  My heart doesn't hurt anymore.  By God's grace, I get to be a mom each and every single day to the sweetest little man ever.  Even though I desire more children, it's definitely different this time around.  I can wait more patiently on the perfect timing that God has for our second child.  

Anyway, moving along.  I've started redoing furniture to sell now! I've always done little pieces here and there for our house, but now I'm going to sell them!  Here is the first piece.  


This green chair with a blue and cream chevron cushion is priced at $50.  I hope this chair can bless another family!  If you are local to the Atlanta area, MR.P and I can deliver to you! Email me at if you are interested.  

I'll be adding 2 more pieces to the list of furniture later this week!  

And to leave you, I thought I would show you how Big Smith is :)

He is a little over 18 months now and as active as little boys can be.  He is talking up a storm and keeps us on our toes.  This picture was from this morning.  We were playing outside and he decided to steal my water, hints the smile on his face.  Such a little ham!

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