Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New House

So we are officially here in Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain to be exact!  We are loving it here so far.  We've visited our new church and our new community group...jumping in with both feet!  

Here is the new place :)

The move went great. We left my parents house Sunday and headed out of town on our adventure.

It was a little sad since we've never moved outside of Georgia.  And technically we aren't outside Georgia.  Lookout Mnt is half TN and half GA.  And we are on the GA side.  Anyway, the drive was only 2 hours and the little man slept the whole way. He was TIRED!  Matt drove the truck and I drove our car.  Once we arrived my sweet friend Joy and her husband met us there to help us unpack.  Thankfully they brought some more help. We had everything in the house before we knew it...thanks to their help :)

We are all settled now, though it took a few days.  Thankful to have all the boxes unpacked and to not live out of a suitcase anymore.  I definitely miss spending time with my mom, but I think it will make visiting all the more special.  


Anonymous said...

now when matt drives up the mountain he can do the State Line Dance that he coined during college EVERY TIME!! must be exciting for him :) hehe

Meredith Houston-Carr said...

How exciting!! And I LOVE your house! I hope you guys are settling in well--I know it's tough to make a move, but I'm sure the Lord has great things for you there!