Friday, September 11, 2009

Make your own Monogrammed Necklace Holder

I'm participating in this!


So about a year ago I decided to give my sister and sister-in-law this great necklace holder.  I was going to get them monogrammed and everything.  It was very exciting because it was very cost efficient...or so I thought!!  When I went to get them monogrammed I was told they couldn't do it.  It was acrylic and their machine would break it.  They recomended a second place.  Went to second place.  They told me it would be $50 for each one!!!!  Imagine my surprise.  So I used my brain and decided to just get some plates monogrammed and stick them on.  Which by the way, don't do that.  Each little thing added color, plate, out of store price...all this stuff.  Not what I wanted but I had no idea what to do.  I WISH I had known what I know now!! 

I originally bought my necklace holders from Organize for only $12.99 + $8.00 (for 2) for shipping.  Their prices have gone up to $14.99.  My 2nd time around I bought them straight from The Container Store for $19.99 - no shipping.  So they are around the same price now...just depends on how quickly you want to start your project! 

I then went to Etsy and found a great decal from Decal Monograms for only $4!  The decal is clear so it gives the impression that I had it monogrammed and spent $50:)  I was soo excited!  So my project the second time around was only $23!  Here is my final product. 

If you go to Decal Monogram's blog you can become a follower and sign up for free Decals!  She does all sorts  - good ideas for a baby room, the back of your car, and gifts for friends!  I'm signing should you!



Bonnie said...

Beth this is such a cute idea. I am going to make a few for Christmas gifts. It is something that every girl will use at an affordable price with a personal touch. LOVE this idea!!

Anna said...

Beth, you're so creative! I love your blogs and how you love sharing everything!

Mama Thompson said...

I LOVE it...I have been trying to figure out a way to organize and store my necklaces without them taking over my dresser...I LOVE how these are contained and the monogram makes it so stylish it would actually look good on display. Thanks for the fantastic idea!

I am having a necklace giveaway over at if you happen to need any more necklaces....

Ashlee said...

This is a very cute and thoughtful idea. I signed up as a follower and would love it if you did the same.
BTW- I love your blog name!

Sara said...

Oh my gosh, this is so cute! I don't know if this would quite work for what I want (organizing my old custom lanyards from conferences), but it's still super cute!