Friday, September 11, 2009

Scott's Antique Market

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, my mom and I are heading to Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta.  I am pretty darn excited about it.  It's $5 for entry, but if you print out this coupon then you get $1 off your admission.  I'll do anything to save a dollar.  I am taking my trusty camera (I should think of a name for her) and plan on taking pictures of different ideas and such that pop into my head.  My 3 goals for this trip include the following:
1.) Have fun with MOM!
2.) Find bench to redo as stated in my former post
3.) Find old vintage chandalier for office

So there ya go!  Happy Friday!!

1 comment:

sharongracepjs said...

I suggest "Edith" for your camera. Or Latoya.

Tell your mom I say HI!