Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweet Conviction

This past week I have been gently and sweetly convicted that I have not shared more of what my life is about...or what I strive to live for.  I guess I wasn't really sharing because this blog is more about decorating inexpensively than me.  But you know what?  That doesn't matter.  I need to shout from the roof tops that life is about more than just me and my love for pretty things.  It's about taking the gospel into every aspect of my life.  Something that has taken me longer to learn than I like to admit is that being a believer is not about me and what I can do for the Lord.  It's all about him.  Completely and fully.  Now I love decorating inexpensively and feel that I can share my relationship with the Lord through this love.  I believe it is honoring and glorifying to the Lord because I am TRYING to use our money wisely.  Not always successful ;)  But definitely trying.  In my time with the Lord lately that is what he has shown me.  And I am so thankful.  Thank you for breaking me Lord.  Continue to break me daily. 

I read this blog called Haven & Home and she shared this amazing blog called Kisses from Katie. She is living in Uganda serving hundreds of children because she knew the Lord was calling her to this.  What an amazing testimony of living for the Lord and making it completely and fully about him. 

I love putting a face with a a name.  So here's katie with the 13 kids that she fosters.  We should definitely be praying for her! 

You can support her by leaving comments on her blog and she even has a support link on her blog.  Check out her story. 


Brian and Ashley said...

Beth, thank you for posting this! It is encouraging to read about what God is showing a sister in Christ and how you are bold to share it. It is certainly something I needed to think about. I appreciate it!

Haven and Home said...

Amen!!!!! I am so happy you feel this way. Thanks for sharing Katie's amazing story!