Friday, October 9, 2009

Dining Room Mirror Make Over

The Dining Room Mirror was in desperate need of a make over. Not because it wasn't beautiful, but because our dining room is yellow and so was the Mirror (well, we'll call it gold). I had it hanging in the dining room for a long time and never really loved the way the 2 went together. Then I had it! I realized that spraypaint is seriously my best friend!  I already had black and antique white spraypaint so I had MR.P help me lift it and we started the party!

This is the before.  I taped around the Mirror with blue painting tape to make sure I didn't get anything on the mirror. 

Then I cut up some lawn bags and tape those down as well.  So NO paint was getting on the inside of the mirror.  MR.P wanted to get in on the action as well.  I love when he enjoys a project with me :)

We first painted it black.  I wasn't sure if it would work or not, but the plan was to spraypaint the antique white over it to give it an antique look. 

So here's how it turned out.  It looks a little splotchie here.  I cleaned it up a bit before I took it and hung it back up. 

There she is.  All done!  We still have to hang a panel or 2 in the dining room and redo the chandalier.

It was a fun, quick project.  And only took a little spraypaint!


sharongracepjs said...

Looks great! Good call on taping up the mirror - I probably wouldn't have thought to do that until AFTER getting paint on the glass.

And I LOVE LOVE TRIPLE LOVE your curtains!!!

Sherri S said...

Beautiful! I love black and white. Your curtains are gorgeous. The mirror works really well in the room with it's new paint.