Friday, October 9, 2009

Project Budget

I had the pleasure of going to see MR.P at work yesterday!  I took half the day off to go see him in action at his Boosterthon (the company he works for)  fun run at one of the schools.  He did a great job!!  I was so proud to see him working so hard.  My sister and my 2 nieces went with me.  We enjoyed dancing to the music and watching all the kids run!

If any of you are PTA moms or really involved with your child's school tell your school about Booster...they are an amazing company that will help your school not only raise more money, but also teach and invest in the kids everyday for 2 weeks.  You should definitely check them out!

Ok, so to my point.  My sister and I got to talking about how much I LOVE projects.  Decorating and doing projects are fun, but not if it's becoming an idol in your life.  I realized that I need to start a budget for projects each month.  That way I am staying on budget and if there is a really expensive project I want to do I would just save up for a few months and I wouldn't feel bad about spending the money.  Or if I choose not to spend the money I could save it for a baby room one day!  What do all you DIY project people set for yourself?  I'd love to know.  Do you just always have spraypaint or paint buckets of your favorite colors around?  That way most easy projects are free?  Maybe I should spend my first month (next month, obviously) on a few extra spraypaint bottles.  We'll see what I come up with after I hear everyone's ideas! 

Happy Weekend!  What is everyone doing?  MR.P and I will be visiting his grandparents, watching the UGA game, going to the outlets, and taking care of the nursery at church.  It's supposed to be rainy this weekend, but I am still excited for a little rest and relaxation with the Mr :) 

These are our favorite fall pictures!

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Brian and Ashley said...

I am a teacher in the Birmingham area and we had our Boosterthon Fun Run yesterday too! My students love it and can't wait for the guys to come in the room. It's great because most of the money goes straight back to the classroom too!
As I am working on projects, I usually buy several of what I use the most of, like canvases, when they go on sale at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Then I am stocked up for my next several projects. :)
Happy weekend!