Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Inspiration for Office/Craft Room

I have been trying to think of function for our house.  There are so many things I never get done because it's not right in front of my I forget!  It's not things that are a big deal, but things that bother me.  For example, I always want to wrap gifts and such early, but I always forget and end up running to Target for a last minute bag and tissue paper...knowing full and well I have plenty at home.  Does that bother anyone else?  It's wasting money!  So I decided our office/craft room (because let's be honest...the only thing office about it is the computer!) was going to be full of function and enjoyable to be in.  So while I am working on a small project for the office I will leave you with some pictures of things that inspired me to use things around my house for function in our office.

Wouldn't this be nice?!  Somewhere to permanantly keep your sewing machine.  A place for every single craft you can think of?  Day dreaming just a bit :)  Organizing makes me breath better...hahaha!

This whole office picture inspired me that I too can have a crisp, clean office, but without spending the money. 

This inspired me to do the idea board.  I love how simple it is.  Clean lines and everything.  I didn't have burlap, but I did have extra ticking stripe :)

This is definitely something that has inspired me.  Having your wrapping paper out at all times not only looks cute (not important, but an added bonus) but is sooo functional for us all.  It helps us use what we already have instead of that quick run to Target.  Plus, it helps me to think of giving gifts more often.  I am trying to become more thoughtful of other people, so hopefully this will help!

And now, I'll just leave you with these beautiful pictures of some great office spaces!

I love how vintage this is!

Great idea to use the closet.  Just put shelves in it!

I found this on Something To Do and just think its a GREAT office/craft room.  I think showing pictures of real people's spaces is so important.  It makes us feel like its something we can achieve even if we aren't professional decorators.

I love the "SEW" cork board.  The shelf is also super cute and useful for anything and everything.

I'll have to make a place like this for my future sewing machine!  Can't wait!

Easy, cheap idea for ribbons and such.

And great idea with bulldog clips for matching fabrics.

I found this last one on a new "friend's" blog - Just A Girl.  She did a great job!!
She used a kitchen hutch to store ALL of her wrapping paper and such.

perfect place for her wrapping paper! (cute too!)

As well as a perfect place for ribbon, cards, fun buckets for gifts, and anything else you can think of!

I just love how this all fits together.  I'll reveal my project in a few days and see what y'all think :)  Happy Wednesday!


sharongracepjs said...

I'm obsessed with wrapping paper. It's so much fun to wrap something up beautifully with colors and bows! and then they get to rip the paper off! Unless it's an impossible object, or you're a guy, using a gift bag is a cop-out! I always try to buy square gifts and I hoard boxes so no one can accuse me of being a lazy wrapper.

(but i also hoard gift bags and use them for lunches.)

Chris said...

Holy cow! I loved all of those pictures! That was the perfect post with lots of eye candy! I can't wait to see your reveal! (Thanks for the mention!)

cmluvs2stamp said...

what great ideas!! Thank you so much. I agree whole heartedly with your outlook on life and faith. Thank you for sharing. I will now be following your blog.

Samantha2818 said...

Wow, I love all these ideas. I, too have been looking for inspiration for craft storage and it my first proper blog chat was about just this. I've had some more ideas now looking at your blog - thanks!