Friday, November 20, 2009

Sweet friends that kept me company this week

So I can now tell you that MR.P has been gone for 2 full weeks!!  He will be home today and I can barely concentrate!  So during these 2 weeks I have had sweet friends and family to keep me company.  I have appreciated everyone so much, I can't even begin to express myself. 
Day 1 my sweet sisters-in-law came over after church and spent the entire day with me!  How incredibly sweet of them :)

(This is an old picture, but I love it.  This was for my girls weekend before MR.P and I got married.)

Day 2 I had Dgroup (bible study).  They all kept me great company.  I don't have a picture of them all, but they know who they are :)   BUT, my sister in law "Beans" came over @ 9:45 that night because I got a little scared.  I'm such a whimp!  As a thank you I got her a Vanilla Coke from Sonic.  She said it made her night.

(She caught the bouquet at our wedding :)  too funny!)

Day 3 I went and spent some time with my friend Katie!  I went to her house and she made me the best dinner ever!  We hung out for a little while, ran to target and then Wal-mart.  It makes me so sad that my time with her goes by so fast!  We live pretty far away from each other so we have to make the most out of our time together.

(pic from my girls weekend before MR.P and I got married)

Day 4 my mom spent some time with me. It was soo nice to get some alone time with my mom. We went shopping for some crafts for a sisters/girls night we are planning :) Oh and "Beans" came over again.

 Day 5  My friend from college came over that I haven't seen in years!  She was so sweet to come eat dinner with me and just hang out.  Then "Beans" came over it getting hold yet?  Just kidding.  I appreciated everything she did for me these past 2 weeks.

Day 6 I had the wives of the guys that were out of town with MR.P over for dinner.  We had a blast.  We got take out, talked, and just had fun.  One of the girls has a mac and so does her husband.  So we planned for us all to talk with our husbands.  Soo much fun!

(MR.P is on the far right side)
It was SOOO nice seeing MR.P's face.  I missed that face A LOT!!!

Day 7 my friend Joy came to visit.  We had a great time.  We went shopping, had lunch, talked a TON, and just relaxed.  I really appreciated her coming to visit.  It was exactly what I needed :)

(We tried way too many times to get this pic right...sad!)

Day 8 I visited a new Church that MR.P and I are looking into.  My newest niece fell asleep on my chest and it made my day!  I guess she knew I needed her since I was husbandless during church.  Then my sisters and I headed to celebrate my "little" brother's 15th bday.  The whole family was there except MR.P.  Sad day :(  We all missed him a lot!  Then us girls went and did a little shopping.  This is only 3 out of the 6 of us (my mom included).

(We were sending a little hello text to MR.P)

Day 9 I had Dgroup again.  This week we did a little Thanksgiving celebration.  I finally got a pic of all of us!

Day 10 "Beans" came over again. 

Day 11 I went to my sister Laura's house.  She has 3 sweet, precious girls and I got to spend a little time with them.  We moved some furniture around in her house to make it flow better.  That was fun!  We were going to turn her bonus room into their play room, but it got a little late.  Bummer...we'll do it next time.

(this is us with her new precious baby, Elizabeth Anne)

Day 12 My 2 sisters-in-law came over for dinner.  We went the easy route and got Moe's.  It also happened to be my favorite night of tv, so that entertained us.

Day 13 Because he won't be home for a while today I will have to entertain myself.  I work all day and then have a few errands I need to run.  But, I tell you, I miss that MR.P.  I can't wait to see him tonight! 

Sorry for the long post.  I just wanted everyone to get a shout out who so sweetly entertained me even though I was probably pathetically missing MR.P.  Thanks everyone!


Haven and Home said...

Oh how fun to have such great company!

Tammy@InStitches said...

It looks like you kept yourself very busy. It's great to have good friends to help with that !