Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An update

Most of the time I like to give a little teaser and then let you see the final product.  This is going to totally give away the element of surprise.  But, oh well.  It's fun :)

Last night when I got home I started working on the blank wall.  I got this far before I had to leave for Dgroup (bible study).  I like it because it's nice, neat, and organized.  Gives everything a clean look.

I was slightly nervous that it's a little informal.  But then I remember that MR.P and I are not formal people.  I think it's very welcoming.  I also believe that what people have on their walls tells what is important to them.  So these are some of our wedding photos of friends and family.  So Marriage, Friends, and Family are all very important to us...so let's show it off! 

I added the wreath just for some vizualization.  I am in the middle of making this wreath out of book pages.  The book I mutilated was actually a good one.  The Once and Future King.  I decided I wanted my book wreath to to be made out of a classy book just in case someone decided to read the words :) 

I got the idea from Living with Lindsay.  It's not nearly done.  Actually this is only the back of the wreath.  So let's hope I can make it look LOTS prettier tonight.  I was just too excited to share :)  Also, warning if you try to do this as well.  Watch out for some MAJOR burns.  I walked away with only one battle wound, but it was a good one.  Still hurting...

So once I'm done I'll post the end results.  Cross your fingers it's good :)


Emily said...

Cool project, can't wait to see how it turns out.

To answer your travel question - it has it's ups and downs. I travel about 1 month a quarter (like, gone the whole month with only weekends at home), and then I'm home for the next two months. I definitely get tired of the travel, but there are perks. Hotel and Miles rewards, etc. It's definitely doable, I don't want to travel for work forever though.

Amber B. said...

I love it!! Formal is overrated. :-D Can't wait to see your wreath. I loved that idea.

abby said...

Looks great! I can't wait to see how your book wreath turns out.

Sometimes I wonder if some of our decor is a little too informal and then I remember that we aren't exactly Mr. and Mrs. Formal around here. And plus we have two little people and two big dogs. Enough said!

kakalderman said...

I don't know if you'll get this before you work on your wreath more, but I used what Lindsay suggested in her tutorial - an unsharpened pencil, or even the eraser end of a sharpened pencil. I burned myself while working on it and then used the pencil. It works great once you start filling in and can't see what your fingers are touching! Good Luck!

Jessica said...

Hey Beth! Just so you know -- love checking your blog during my workday. Brings me a little excitement in the midst of the day and some ideas for my own place. Just fyi, I tried the clothes pin picture hanging on 2 different walls - one vertically with thick christmas ribbon, the other horizontally -- and I love them! What a great way to fill up some wall space. Thanks for sharing the idea :)