Friday, January 29, 2010

My Nieces Birthday gift

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This whole sewing thing has been REALLY fun for me!  It hasn't gone down without a bandaids, but I am pretty sure it was worth it.  I decided to get a tshirt from Target for my niece Alli and sew some cute flowers on.  She turned 4 on Monday.  I honestly can't believe how old she is!  Another niece turned 5 on December 27th!  Ahh!! they are all growing up way too fast!  It just kills me!  Anyway, I started making these flowers and they were harder than I expected.  Only because it was my first, really.  I finally figured out how to sew in a circle and then it was easy! (who knew sewing in a circle was hard stuff!)  They came out very cute.  And I think she liked it!

(isn't she just a ham?!)

Anyway, has anyone noticed that I keep using ticking stripe?  Yeah, it's because its the only fabric I have.  Once I run out, I will start making a collection :)

Ok, so today is FRIDAY!  I am incredibly thankful.  MR.P and I are headed to Macon to visit my grandparents and my sister's family!  We LOVE going to see them!  My brother-in-law is Super funny, so we always lose a few calories while we are there.  Plus, we get to see my 3 nieces!  They are just too cute!  Love them!  Anyway, hope everyone has a happy weekend.  See you Monday!


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

that picture is SO CUTE!


Tammy@InStitches said...

Yes, she is adorable ! I'm glad to see that you have been sewing and it looks like you have quite a few projects on your plate.

Anonymous said...

Your niece is too cute modeling her present! Great job on the flowers.

Anonymous said...

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Playing Sublimely said...

Oh my goodness, Perimeter Church, would love to visit sister lives north of Atlanta and I always say I am going to go there one Sunday when I am visiting her..Aaron Shust is there, right?!?! Thanks for your visit, loved hearing from you!

Erin said...

cute shirt and even cuter girl!!

tiffany said...

what a doll! love the shirt too!

Andrea @ said...

Love the flowers! Stop by and link this up to my new Thursday party Make it, Wear it!