Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Girls...Vday is coming up! Hint to your guys what you'd like!

Alright girls, we all love to have that special piece of jewelry that we can wear with everything.  Well, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to hint at what you would like to be "surprised" with!  I am terrible at hinting to MR.P.  And even worse at giving him his presents early!  I just can't keep secrets from him!  Here are some pieces that I think are great additions to the everyday wardrobe.

Jasmine Filigree Earrings - these can go with everything!  I am thinking of getting them as well ;)

(goes great with this or this!)

Jasmine Filigree Necklace - this is a great piece that can dressy or casual! 

Charlize Teardrop Earrings - teal is THE color of the season! 

Glint Flower CZ Earrings - These are a definite favorite of mine.  I am actually wearing them today!  They can be worn with the everyday clothes or be as special as the earrings for your wedding day!  I am practical like that...2 uses for 1 thing!  These would be a really special vday gift!

MR.P and I are not big spenders when it comes to Vday.  My bday is also in February, so the prices on Stella & Dot make it affordable to do something special for both occasions!

Now, just copy the link and email on over to your husbands!  They'll get the hint! 


Katherine Strate said...

You're right! The Glint Flower earrings are a must-have! I'll definitely put them on my wish list. Such great ideas for Valentine's!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

i really like the turquoise teardrop earrings!


Ams said...

That jewelry is gorgeous :) I love turquoise!

Kristin said...

Those drop earrings are fabulous and you are so right...the Pantone color of the year is everywhere!!

Stephanie said...

Going to check out Stella and Dot NOW! My birthday is in Feb too - just before V day. I love the turquoise earrings!