Thursday, February 18, 2010

Boxes From Ikea

This past weekend MR.P and I headed to Ikea.  That place can be a little overwhelming at times, but I still love it!  I usually try not to grab a cart because I don't always know what I came for.  That way I am not just grabbing things I don't need and putting them in my cart.  This time I knew what I came for as soon as I saw it.  These boxes!

They are $4.99 for 2 boxes.  You can't beat that anywhere.  I had been looking for some like this for a long time, but they were always too expensive.  We needed some extra storage in our book cases for DVDs, Wii games/remotes, and photos.  I wasn't sure if the size was right so I bought 2 extra to make sure we had enough.  I needed some for our office as well, so I knew I could use them there.  Thankfully they fit 3 across the bottom in both the book cases.  MR.P is very happy now that things aren't stuffed on top of the neatly organized DVDs.  I am happy about this as well because clutter stresses me out.  I love when functional things turn out to be cute!  I forgot to take a picture of the bookcases, but I will post one later and let you all know.

It's easy to find things for inexpensive.  It just takes patience in looking.  I do not display this all the time, but I am glad I did this time!  Happy Thursday!

EDIT:  I remembered to take pictures!
We have another book shelf on the other side of the tv.  Looks just like this.  My iphone couldn't get both so you'll have to imagine ;)

I love how cleen and crisp this looks!  Exactly the look I was going for!  Just wish I had known they were at Ikea for sooo cheap!


Ms. Bright said...

I love the Kasett collection!!
We bought a bunch to organize old family photos (for the g-mother) and I have 8 magazine files on one of the bookcases in our office. Everytime I go, I purchase some of these. They look great and you cannot beat that price!

My Dream Ring said...

I LOVE Ikea...great items at great prices. Those boxes are so awesome!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

what a great find...i just hate going there--it's a circus!

Collin McHugh said...

Hey Beth, it's collin mchugh. First time I've seen your blog, but I like it! We've got Ikea everywhere at our house, and I feel good about that. These boxes though...i need to look into them. If you want, you can check out my blog ( but Matt may like it better, so you can show him too :)
Also I'm trying to network Ashley's blog a bit too, so check out her new stuff on there if you haven't already. Thanks!

C.J. said...

those boxes are too cute!

Katie said...

OMG! We are exactly the same! I totally freak out when things are not organized! (If this gives you any ideas) My favorite present each year is new inserts for my day planner. Yay for organization boxes!

Abbey @ Practically Perfect said...

I love those boxes! Have some in green on my bookcase

Great find!

C.J. said...

happy that you stopped by my blog, thanks! Glad you like my little vignette.