Friday, February 12, 2010

Leigh @ Genesis Salon 124

Happy Friday Morning!! 
It's not only Friday, but there is snow in the forecast!!!!!!  Whoohoo!!  Although, I would love spring, I don't mind having a little bit of snow here in GA.  Can't wait!

About a year ago I started getting my haircut at Genesis Salon 124 over in Suwanee. 

I absolutely love this place.  I recently started highlighting my hair because lets just face it...blondes don't stay blonde forever.  Well Leigh is my absolutely FAVORITE new person.  I went to her last night and she did what no other hair stylist does.  She talked me through every single decision.  She made sure I wasn't making rash decisions to chop my hair off.  She told me I only needed partial highlights instead the full I thought I needed (saved me money right there!)  She even taught me how to fix my bangs the RIGHT way!  Quite impressive.  She is great.  If you are interested in scheduling an appt with Leigh call 770-271-7844 and tell her that Beth Peele (Design A-Peele's blog) referred you and you'll get $5 off. 

Their prices:  (then $5 off with the referral)
$32 for a haircut (level 3 girl)
$45 for highlights

She's great to talk with during your visit!  You'll walk out with a new friend!


Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

Do you live in Suwanee? I used to go there all the time. My boyfriend (at the time) lived there. I loved it there!! It was beautiful and the shopping was great!

Edit by Lauren said...

I love Genesis, too, and am so glad you found a great new gal! I just may have to try her... Can't wait to see the new 'do!

ღLizღ said...

that is sweet...referring your hairstylist. and how sweet is she too in giving you styling tips, that is awesome, if only i lived in georgia. i am due for a visit to the salon already, lol.

have a hearty-hearts weekend.