Monday, February 15, 2010

Ballet Flats + Clip on Earrings

Happy Monday morning!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend!  Here in the ATL we got quite a bit of snow!  We took some great pictures of the house, but forgot to grab the camera today.  I'll have to share those soon.  MR.P and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the snow from our couch while watching a movie.  It was a great start to a really fun weekend!  We started out the weekend helping Matt's sisters move into their new house.  That was fun in the snow!  We had quite a few snowball fights in the middle of things.  Then we headed to do a little shopping at Ikea.  Once we made our way through Ikea we headed to Atlantic Station for some dinner and a little Vday shopping.  MR.P was soo sweet and got me these
(DSW is having a sale right now.  Free shipping on orders over $35...not bad!)
I don't know why I didn't have a pair of gray/silver shoes before!  I feel like they go with everything! 

I realized the other day that I am drawn more to cute flats.  Heels just aren't my thing.  So I was thinking about ways to make them a little more dressy.  Some days I feel like I want something casual and others I need a little flair!  Well clip on earrings is my solution.  You can find them anywhere.  Antique stores, Target, Macy's!  And I promise, they aren't expensive.  Etsy even has a bunch of vendors who make shoe clips. 

These are too cute from thegiltmuse.  Great for a wedding!

boldminimalist - I would wear these with a light teal or white short sleeve shirt for the spring.  I'd probably add these earrings to complete the outfit. 

starzselection - these clips are so different.  I love them!  You can wear them with anything! 

This is just another inexpensive way to spruce up an outfit.   I firmly believe you can dress well, while not breaking the bank! 

A friend and reader just emailed me a picture.  She just so happened to be wearing clip on earrings and the perfect shoes!  Look how cute her's look!!


Katie said...

I love love love that idea! I saw a company that sells them at the Atlanta Gift Show this year... it seems so easy to do at home!

Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

Cute idea!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE gray shoes. I bought some cute gray flats at the gap outlet a year and a half ago. I was pregnant but wanted to buy something non-maternity I could wear later. I barely ever take them off my feet. They go with everything!! I especially love pairing them with Navy and pastel colors like light pink.

Love the cream clips!!

Scientific Housewife said...

Wow, I've never thought to do that before!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

cute!! i am so in love with all these cute fabric flowers...need to find me an etsy shop!

Brian and Ashley said...

So cute! That's a great idea!! Now to get clip ons... and flats without designs!

Carter Nitty Gritty said...

What a GREAT idea! I would never have though of that. I will definately be trying this. Thanks. (I'm a flats girl too)

Erin said...

i remember many years ago payless used to sell shoes clips. they never had any near as cute at these but it was the same idea.
i love the starzselection the best. SO pretty and unique!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

I love your friend's look! Where did she get those great heels and earrings?!


Stephanie said...

What a cute idea!! I make little flowers like that in my etsy shop - I have the option of clip on backs for this purpose! You should check 'em out :)
Love seeing all your clever posts!

sealaura said...

love those shoes! I have them in a taupe. love the grey but none my size! also love the clip on earring idea, love a little sparkle.